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51. New York Yacht Club. NEW YORK YACHT CLUB, 1900. NY. 1900. Color plates, b/w ills. 12mo. 272 pp, plus color plates. Color plates showing hundreds of private signals of members, club flags, signals. “An act of incorporation; lithographs of pennants and private signals; list of yachts; list of members; constitution, by-laws and racing rules, etc.” Bound in original cloth. Wear to lower corner of front board. $150
52. New York Yacht Club. NEW YORK YACHT CLUB, 1901. NY. 1901. Color plates, b/w ills. 12mo. 296, (1) pp. plus color plates. Front board mouse-nibbled. Good internally. $75
53. New York Yacht Club. NEW YORK YACHT CLUB, 1911. NY. n.d. (1911) Color plates, b/w ills. 12mo. 318, 43 pp Forty-three color plates showing hundreds of flags of members, club flags, signals. Also member list, vessel lists, charts, music for bugle calls, color plate of yachting uniform ornaments, etc. Bound in original cloth with gold cover decoration VG $200
54. New York Yacht Club. NEW YORK YACHT CLUB, 1914. NY. n.d. (1914) Color plates, b/w ills. 12mo. 314 pp. plus plates. Forty-five color plates showing hundreds of flags of members, club flags, signals. Also member list, vessel lists, charts, music for bugle calls, color plate of yachting uniform ornaments, etc. Bound in half black morocco over boards. All edges gilt. $250
55. New York Yacht Club. NEW YORK YACHT CLUB, 1917. NY. n.d. (1917) Color plates, b/w ills. 12mo. 323 pp. plus plates. Forty-seven color plates showing hundreds of flags of members, club flags, signals. Also member list, vessel lists, charts, music for bugle calls, color plate of yachting uniform ornaments, etc. Bound in half crimson morocco over boards. All edges gilt. Beautiful! $250
56. O.J.H. (Omar J. Humphrey.) WRECK OF THE RAINIER. Portland, ME. (1887.) 148 pp. The unfortunate Rainier was built in Maine in 1883. After a collision in the Delaware she finally managed to leave for Japan. She was wrecked on a coral reef enroute. The crew built a schooner and sailed to safety. There are plenty of natives, high adventure and Yankee ingenuity. The Captain even brought his daughter with him. There may be a movie here. Bound in half calf over marbled boards, with a contemporary newspaper report tipped in. $200
57. Office of Shipping. REGISTER-BOOK FOR 1814. n.p. n.d. 12mo. Unpaginated, About 1200 pages. Contains lists of members and board , and an alpha registry of all vessels 1813-1814, with eleven columns of information including vessel type, construction materials, owner, weight, captain and home port. Also Harwich packets, Falmouth packets, East India Co. ships 1811-1814, and a lengthy “Supplement.” A wonderful reference for British shipping in the War of 1812 era. Rebound in full morocco. Rare. $750
58. Periodical COLUMBIAN CENTINEL. SATURDAY, SEPT. 23, 1797. Folio. 4 pp. “Printed and Published on Wednesdays and Saturdays by BENJAMIN RUSSELL, Printer to the United States, for the Northern States - State Street, Boston (Massachusetts.)” Pages 2-3 contain a full column news report on the launching of U.S.S. Constitution on Saturday, September 23, 1797 - or actually the failure to launch the ship, since she stuck in the ways. After describing the situation and its causes, the writer of the article waxes metaphorical. “The United States runs rapidly on, but with some damage and destruction from adverse parties and opposing materials; but the Constitution, formed with deliberation, coolness, and extra-ordinary forethought, cannot easily be moved.” A wonderful piece of maritime Americana. Complete issue, lightly foxed, but intact and in good condition. $250
59. Preble, George Henry. THE CHASE OF THE REBEL STEAMER OF WAR ORETO, COMMANDER J.N. MAFFITT, C.S.N. INTO THE BAY OF MOBILE, BY THE UNITED STATES STEAM SLOOP ONEIDA.... Cambridge (MA). 1862. 60 pp. Smith III, 1955 notes, “Useful and unusual details on the unsuccessful pursuit of the unarmed C.S.S. Florida.” In fact, Preble was dismissed from the Navy by Gideon Welles on account of his lack of action in going after the Oreto ( Florida). Preble defends himself in this pamphlet, apparently with good effect, since he was reinstated in 1863. Howes P-563. Bound in original printed wrappers. A near fine copy preserved in blue cloth box with leather backstrip. $500
60. Rapelje, George. A NARRATIVE OF EXCURSIONS, VOYAGES AND TRAVELS PERFORMED AT DIFFERENT PERIODS IN AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, AND AFRICA. NY. 1834. b/w frontis. (5)-416 pp. A scarce account by an American, mostly in Europe and the Mediterranean. “This is a journal kept during a year’s voyage to Europe and the Mediterranean in 1821-22. More interesting than most, it captures both the tedium and the excitement of travel.” Smith, “American Travelers” R7. The frontispiece portrait is lightly foxed. Otherwise this is a beautiful copy, fresh and clean, bound in 19th century half morocco over marbled boards. $450
61. Ringgold, Cadwalader. A SERIES OF CHARTS WITH SAILING DIRECTIONS, EMBRACING SURVEYS OF THE FARALLONES... BAYS OF SAN FRANCISCO AND SAN PABLO, STRAITS OF CARQUINES AND SUISUN BAY... SACRAMENTO AND SAN JOAQUIN RIVERS... INCLUDING THE CITIES OF SACRAMENTO AND BOSTON, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Wash. 1852. Folding charts, duotone plates. 48 pp. plus charts. Guthorn says, “Ringgold had been introduced to the San Francisco area while serving with the Wilkes Expedition... He commanded the brig Porpoise... Wilkes considered him a very capable officer. Ringgold carried out the survey in 1849 and 1850 at the request of many enterprising citizens.” This is the fifth edition of this important work. It features 12 views on 8 plates and 6 folding charts. See Sabin 71425. Howes R-303. Guthorn p. 195. Cowan p. 533-534 who adds the melancholy note, “One of the maps is of the city of Boston, which, if it ever existed, has been for many years a part of Sacramento. It has long been forgotten, and its records appear to have faded from history.” Inscribed in several places, “J.R.(?) Breck, ship Moonlight.” The Moonlight was a Waldoborough-built clipper ship engaged in the California trade in the late 1850s. See “Greyhounds,” p. 513, and various listings in Fairburn. Bound in original cloth showing light wear. Scattered light foxing in text. Bookplate of Bangor Historical Society (“Withdrawn”) on front pastedown, small stamp on title, and no other markings. Maps carelessly folded, but clean and intact. A good copy of an important Gold Rush era sailing guide. $2500
62. Scott, Captain Robert F. THE VOYAGE OF THE DISCOVERY. NY. 1905. Color and b/w plates, maps, some folding. Two vols. xix, (1). 556; xii, 508 pp. Scott’s detailed recounting of the “Discovery” expedition, 1901-1904, and one of the classics in the literature of Antarctic exploration. First American edition. See Spence 1051. Rosove 286 A.3.A little scattered foxing, particularly on outer edges of pages, and some very light cover wear. Otherwise a nice set. $500
63. Semmes, Admiral Raphael. MEMOIRS OF SERVICE AFLOAT DURING THE WAR BETWEEN THE STATES. Lon. 1869. Color and b/w plates. xiv-833 pp. First edition of the great Confederate sea-raider’s memoirs of his adventures aboard the dauntless Alabama. The book was first issued in London because of Great Britain’s sympathies with the Confederacy. This edition is famous for its handsome colored lithograph plates. A good copy in lightly worn original cloth with gilt cover decoration. Pages are somewhat tanned, but the color lithographs have retained their brilliance. $450
64. Shackleton, Ernest H.; Louis C. Bernacchi; Apsley Cherry-Garrard (eds.) SOUTH POLAR TIMES Lon. 1907-1914. Color and b/w plates, some folding. Three volumes 4to. Various paginations. First edition of one of the keystone books in the heroic era of Antarctic exploration, documenting the first expedition to this region since Ross’ party sixty years before. The expedition aimed to carry out scientific research and geographical exploration and launched the careers of many who would become leading figures, such as R. F. Scott, E. Shackleton, Frank Wild, William Lashly, Tom Crean and Edward Wilson. Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton (1874-1922), who was a third officer aboard the “Discovery,” created, edited and typed a monthly journal (on the expedition’s only typewriter) to entertain himself and the crew during the long months of isolation and to document the lives and work of the small colony. These individual issues were then gathered and reproduced by publisher Smith, Elder & Co. in the present form. Volumes I and II, limited to 250 copies, cover the “British National Antarctic Expedition,” generally known as the “Discovery Expedition,” Volume III, limited to 350 copies, recounts parts of the “Terra Nova Expedition,” officially known as the “British Antarctic Expedition, 1910.” Vols. I and II are numbered 149 in the limited edition of 250. Vol. III is 235 in the limited edition of 350. See Rosove 287. Spence 1094. Bound in original blue cloth, all edges gilt, with gold lettering and inset color plate on front cover of each volume. Scattered foxing on the initial and terminal pages of vols. I and II. Vol. III is clean throughout. The color plates are clean and bright, and the text and illustrations are clean, with no foxing or tanning. Overall a very nice set, eminently collectible, in fresh original binding. $25000
65. Smith, Capt. John. WORKS 1608-1631. Birmingham (UK). 1884. b/w folding maps. cxxxvi, 984 pp. From “The English Scholar’s Library” series, edited by Edward Arber. An excellent edition, with folding facsimiles of maps. All Smith’s works with an index. Bookplate of English author and critic Edmund William Gosse. Bound in half leather over marbled boards. $200
66. Smith, Philip Chadwick Foster. THE FRIGATE “ESSEX” PAPERS: BUILDING THE SALEM FRIGATE, 1798-1799. Salem. 1974. b/w plates. xx, 334 pp. Editing and interpretation of the “five closely packed manuscript boxes in the library of the Peabody Museum of Salem” collectively known as the “Essex Papers.” These detail the subscription, design, construction and career of the famous warship. Limited edition, with folding plans in back pocket. A fine copy in original glassine dj. $200
67. Societe de Geographie. CENTENAIRE DE LA MORT DE LA PEROUSE CELEBRE LE 20 AVRIL 1888 EN SEANCE SOLENNELLE A LA SORBONNE. (Paris). 1888. b/w plates and ills. folding map. (153) -393 pp. Bibliography and catalog of the exhibition celebrating the centenary of the great explorer’s death, published in the second quarterly “Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie” for 1888. The catalog features descriptions of 173 artifacts. The folding map depicts the tracks of LaPerouse’s explorations. Text in French. A very good copy of a scarce reference, bound in half leather over marbled boards. $250
68. Sorcho, Louis, and Frances Sorcho. LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF FRANCES NAMON SORCHO. THE ONLY LADY DEEP SEA DIVER IN THE WORLD. n.p. n.d. b/w ills. 12mo. 18 pp. This rare and charming pamphlet gives a brief history of diving, tells how Mrs. Sorcho became a diver, and relates her feats, and those of other divers. An old Dorothy Sloan catalog cites a place and date of publication as Philadelphia, ca. 1888, but I do not know the source of this attribution. The Pennsylvania Historical Society dates it 1899. Whatever the date, it’s quite an item, beginning with a poem about diving written by Frances, and including a photograph of her in her diving gear. Worldcat locates only two libraries holding copies, and the PA Historical would be a third. Not in Anderson. Old vertical fold mark, and light rubbing to cover illustration, but a very good copy in original wrappers $2000
69. Steel, David. THE ELEMENTS AND PRACTICE OF RIGGING AND SEAMANSHIP. Lon. 1794. b/w frontis and 94 b/w plates, many folding, and two volvelles. 4to. 2 vols. in one. xv, 425; 147 pp. First edition of an early and important assemblage of shipbuilding knowledge. Material covered includes mast making, rope making, anchor making, sail making, block making, rigging, naval tactics, damage control and dimensions of standard and running rigging. This work is justly famous for its dozens of plates illustrating fine points of sail making, rigging, ship building and naval tactics. This is a very good copy, clean and solidly bound, showing only scattered light foxing. The two large volvelles illustrating naval tactics are clean, intact and operable. See Witt, 20 for a detailed description of this book, which he calls Steel’s “most famous and successful publication... probably the best and most detailed work... up to that time.” Also MacDonald 270. JCB Maritime History Catalog 175. Bound in contemporary calf over marbled boards, nice wide margins. Some light foxing to plates, but an excellent copy of a rare book. $5000
70. Stirling, Major W. NARRATIVE OF THE WRECK OF THE SHIP TIGER, OF LIVERPOOL, (CAPTAIN EDWARD SEARIGHT), ON THE DESERT ISLAND OF ASTOVA, ON THE MORNING OF THE 12TH OF AUGUST 1836. WITH SOME PARTICULARS RESPECTING THE SHIP, THE RESIDENCE OF THE CREW ON THE ISLAND, AND THEIR SUBSEQUENT DELIVERANCE. Exeter (UK). 1843. b/w frontispiece chart. 154, (70 unpaginated pages of letters), 4 pp. A rare, privately printed, shipwreck account. Stirling’s ship was bound for Bombay, but wrecked after a month at sea on a small island in the Seychelles. Their situation was rendered more difficult because the officers of the ship thought they on another island, 200 miles distant from their actual location. The bulk of the text is Stirling’s journal of his stay on the island, and letters written subsequent to his adventure. They were rescued after about a month by a passing ship. Worldcat shows only three libraries holding copies. Huntress 322C lists it with no comment or pagination, indicating he’d never seen a copy. This copy is inscribed to Robert Peel, Prime Minister of England, and signed by Stirling. Peel’s bookplate is on the front pastedown. A very good copy bound in half calf over marbled boards. Binding shows light wear. $2000
71. Thompson, Winfield and Thomas W. Lawson. THE LAWSON HISTORY OF THE AMERICA’S CUP. Bos. 1902. Color and b/w plates. xv, 402 pp. One of the major America’s Cup books. Toy calls this work “A detailed and well-documented history of the early races which displays some hostility to the New York Yacht Club.” - Toy 1621. Morris & Howland p. 82. Rulon-Miller list #11. Lawson had the books privately printed in a limited edition, many of which he distributed to libraries. This is such a copy, but it contains no library markings, and no markings of any kind. Marked as number 80 on the presentation page. With a New York Yacht Club broadside notice of the 1893 Americas Cup trials laid in. Text and plates pristine. Slight touch of foxing at the bottom of the front cover, a bit of soiling on the backstrip, but the cleanest, freshest, brightest copy I’ve ever seen. In original slipcase. $850
72. (Thornton, Alfred.) THE ADVENTURES OF A POST CAPTAIN: BY A NAVAL OFFICER. WITH CHARACTERISTIC ENGRAVINGS BY MR. WILLIAMS. Lon. (1817) Color title and plates. (plate), (engraved title), (3), (1)-281, (1) pp. plus 4 page publisher’s catalog. Long satirical poem on British naval life, illustrated with twenty-four brilliant (and funny) aquatint plates and colored engraved title, all by Williams. First edition, first issue, per Tooley 484. An immaculate untrimmed copy sumptuously bound in full crimson morocco with raised bands, gilt decoration gilt inner dentelles and silk doublures. Signed by (somebody) & Son, London. Luscious! $1500
73. Trevor-Battye, Aubyn. ICE-BOUND ON KOLGUEV. A CHAPTER IN THE EXPLORATION OF ARCTIC EUROPE TO WHICH IS ADDED A RECORD OF THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE ISLAND. Westminster (UK). 1895. Color folding maps. b/w plates. xxviii, 458 pp. First thorough exploration of this island north of the White Sea. The author was an ornithologist, but also records his anthropological observations and hunting adventures. Arctic Bib 17973. A beautiful copy of the second edition in later half morocco over boards. $300
74. White, Thomas. THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF SHIP BUILDING. Lon. 1848. b/w ills. in text. xi, 101 pp. Scarce 19th century work on naval architecture and shipyard practice. The author claims to be from a long line of ship builders and writes familiarly of earlier authors such as Stalkart, Chapman. He cites Creuze and Fincham and addresses experiments and design changes that have come about since the publication of these works. The practical sections are very specific, dealing mostly with the fabrication of specific timbers in the hull. There is also a chapter on steam navigation. The text refers to 6 plates which are not present in this work. Scott makes no reference to plates but according to Worldcat, they do exist. See Scott, 680. Laid into this copy is a two page autograph letter, signed, from one H. Smith regarding “the steam vessels accompanying the Experimental Squadron” in 1846. The letter notes the progress of the squadron and the behavior of each of the six ships composing it. Bound in contemporary half calf over marbled boards. $450
75. Woodard, Captain David. THE NARRATIVE OF CAPTAIN DAVID WOODARD AND FOUR SEAMEN, WHO LOST THEIR SHIP WHILE IN A BOAT AT SEA... Lon. 1805. b/w frontis. plates and folding charts. xxxii, 236 pp. Woodard was sent off in a boat in the Straits of Macassar to ask for food from another ship. He was separated from his own ship, captured by natives on the Celebes, and after 2 1/2 years reached Macassar. The governor there sent him to Batavia where he found an American ship. “This narrative contains a good deal of material about the life of the natives of the Celebes, but probably the most valuable portion of the book is the collection of narratives of shipwrecks and disasters at sea.”—Huntress 114C. Hill 1912. This is the second edition, which differs from the first in that the text is reset onto fewer pages (236 vs. 252 pp.) and the appendix listing shipwrecks is somewhat shortened. However, it does contain Bligh’s narrative on pp. 166-174. An interesting variant. Bound in original cloth with paper spine. Some foxing to frontispiece and charts, else a very good copy. $850

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