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Maritime List 231 – Jetsam

August 10, 2015
Eighteen Images Taken by Clifford Ashley on a Whaling Voyage.

According to THE OXFORD COMPANION TO SHIPS AND THE SEA, “jetsam” is stuff that was thrown overboard on purpose, as opposed to “flotsam,” which is stuff that accidentally went over the side. Everything described herein was intentionally jettisoned by former owners. It’s a fun list – no books, just paper. Pamphlets, broadsides, manuscripts, some funky old diving ephemera, and dozens and dozens of whaling photographs. As befits a sweltering August day, no heavy lifting here. Just some light reading.


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“There’s Something Happening Here / What it Is Ain’t Exactly Clear”

GregG, August 23, 2015
kathryn 1

(Thanks, Katherine!) It had been a lovely two weeks at home – lawn mowing, bike riding, working in my garden, a little desultory cataloging, filling orders from Maritime List 231 (about 70% sold), and pleasant early morning walks, before the heat of th … More >>